La Prière des Loups

(The prayer of the wolves)

Romani stories


Following “Le Roi des Serpents”, here is the tome II of “The Romané Chavé by themselves” : nine short bilingual stories by Vania de Gila Kochanowski. The text of the back cover is by Luc Bouquiaux, Emeritus Research Director at National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS), Honorary Président of the Linguistics Society of Paris and of the International Society of Functional Linguistics.


This book contains also  the lexicon worked out by the author, his complete biodata with photographs, facsimile letters from scholars and politics, the complete text of the first speech in romani given at Oswiecim (Auschwitz), his complete bibliography ...etc.


It is available at :

Editions Wallâda

5 rue de Fabritis

13 110 Port-de-Bouc

Tél: 04 42 40 07 93