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Sid'a i sid'a pregine ade save amen persekutne i siklanes mudarde.

Ne ame sam aday !

Ame sam sarda aday kay tepresanas amare presidanengiro etalo idiyal.

Ad'a, miro ilo, yov cup.

Dik : milyona i milyona terne priline amari vid i jiven amaro jivipe.

Ad'a tu dikhes mudaren krandanes ne nagda Krand!

Centuries and centuries of persecutions and cyclic exterminations have past. But we are here ! We're still here for representing the ethic ideal of our glorious ancesters. So, my heart, be quiet. Look : millions and millions of the youths accepted our law and live our life. So, you see, one kills the revolutionary but never the Revolution !

Vania de Gila-Kochanowski

International Poetry Valmiki Festival

Inaugurated by Jayal Singh

New Delhi. 1985.